Thursday, January 21, 2010

Not ready

School is starting to get busy, I currently have 2 homework due in the next week. One Tues and one Friday, a quiz tomo or every Friday at that and possible quiz in another class next week. Oh well this is life as I know it for now I guess. It' s really starting to sink in that in a little over a year I will be a college graduate. I friend asked me the other night if I was going to take the FE exam in the fall and I was like " oh wow I haven't even thought of that". I was a little shocked that it is getting so close. It always seems so far away and now its creeping up really fast. I still have lots of time but it's scary to think that I do not have any kind of job lined up. Hopefully all that will fall into place as it gets here.
Tonight I have a review session to go to at 7:30. Justin and I are going to grab some dinner before hand and then after that it's study for the quiz that is tomorrow. Fridays are never exciting any more because I always have quizzes. After 10 it will be a good day.
It's kinda been a busy week, Tuesday I went to work out after class and when I was on my way home I felt something happening to my car. I realized that I needed to get my car off the road and when I went to turn left there was some traffic and I really thought it was about to go dead so I gunned it across the road IN FRONT OF A CAR!!! although flooring the gas pedal did NOTHING! and basically I coasted across the road IN FRONT OF THE CAR!! I managed to get off the road and pulled into someones side driveway. I was a wreck, I was freaking out and I called Justin crying. He came to get me and look at my car, I think it took him forever to get there. I called my dad and he said he would come down here but then he decided to send the tow truck wed to get it and my mom brought me the durango and she rode back in the tow truck. We think the fuel pump went out on it cause you could tell it wasn't getting enough gas.
It's only 13 days till my birthday!!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Random Facts about me

OK, so I really want to get this blog thing going but every time i get get re motivated it doesn't take me long to get unmotivated again. One of my best friends tagged me in this Random facts about me so I just can't let her down and I have to do it. Thanks B maybe this is the motivational kick I need. OK so i am supposed to state 7 random things about me, so here goes,

UNO: I have 2 different colored eyes. About 50% of people notice it right off and the other 50% do not but are all are utterly mesmerized when they do notice. BTW the right one is blue and the left one is green. Some days they look more alike and others not so much.

DOS: I have became an avid coupon clipper, I know that sounds weird cause I am only 'almost' 22 but it literally makes me giddy to save money. My goal is to get as good as the people from the blogs I read. It's actually amazing what they can do.

TRES: I really don't have that many true friends. I have lots of friends but only a few are TRUE friends. You know the kind that would drop everything to come rescue me if I was dying.

QUATRO: I ABSOLUTLEY LOVE to cook and would love to go to cullinary school, but Engineering school is consuming my time right now so maybe when that is done I can become a better chef. Baking is the best.

CINCO: I LOVE to travel although I never do. My goal is to make enough money to travel to anywhere I want. My parents don't like to travel as much as me so that makes me think I am not really their child.

SEIS: I love to read other people blogs. I probably know more about people I do not know than people I do.

SIETE: I can't wait till the day I can have my own family. I love my life right now and definitly don't want to wish it away but I love the thought of one day walking down the isle (that is if my dad actually gives me away) and then some day bringing home my first child (which better be a girl so I can buy everything frilly and pink and big bows). I don't want that to happen now but maybe in 5 years we will think about it.

Ok so there is my random facts. So now on to what is going on in the busy world of Kellie.

School started back this week. The first week is always fun cause it feels like you are actually going to class and accomplishing something but there is never anything due and you never feel behind or like you are failing yet. Although I have already had 2 quizzes. So I dread when things get tough but only 3 more semesters to go!!.....but then what??
I am trying to get back into my healthy eating. I rarely have sweets or soda. I try not to eat a lot of carbs and eat more meat. I love the gym but ts not fitting into my schedule very well this semester so p90x and a park down the road is helping a little. Wednesday me and Roomie took Harley to for a walk with us and he loved it. I'm sure he smelled and sprinkled every peice of grass, tree and trash can in the whole place.
Tonight BF and I are going to the gymnastics meet and maybe to dinner with some friends. Should be fun our gynamstics team is really good and they play Georgia.
Tomorrow there is a celebration for the National Championship at Bryant Denny, we are planning on going to that. I know its gonna be CRAZY around here and it will be like football season all over again, except this time we have already accomplished a National Champiosnhip. ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!!!!!
Monday is a holiday so NO CLASS!! YAY. BF is not excited about us being out for this Holiday and not Veterans Day which also happens to be his b'day. But Oh well I dont make the rules.
Speaking of Birthdays it is officially 19 days till I will be the big 22!! I feel as if I am getting old. I remember thinking when I was like 16 that people over 20 had it all together and they knew everything, boy was I wrong!!
Ok well I have class in 30 minutes and then its the weekend yay!!