Thursday, January 31, 2008

Awful Day....

This has been an interesting week. To start with yesterday was good. My cal test went well and I'm sure I did well. The test was the exact same as the one I had from last semester. Last night roomie and I were great friends and went to pick up our friends that had a little to much fun at Buffalo Wild Wings and then we even went to get thier vehicle.
Today on the other hand is a different story. Number one I had a test at 8pm tonight. Today has been horrible. Last night i noticed that my throat felt funny. It was like my chest and throat were feeling tight or something. Well I woke up this morning and my throat was still hurting and it was getting worse. So on my way to class I stop at CVS and get some medicine. I listened to the lady there and got some liquid crap. I get to my car take the medicine besides the fact that I almost gagged and threw up because of the horrible taste everything was fine. I was even careful not to spill it everywhere. After this I drive to school and I am sitting in my car waiting for the bus and I decided to read the medicine box. Little did I know that I had obviously not put the top back on good and I had laid the bottle down sideways. I was very soon covered in nasty medicine as was everything in my car 30 min b/f class starts.
I had to go back to my apt and change because I had cough med. everywhere. So I rush home, change, grab some paper towels and a plastic bag to try to semi clean up the mess and then go all the way back to wait on the bus AGAIN!. The bus is slow and I ended up being 10 minutes late to class. But I had to catch the bus that only takes me half way to my building so walking fast in the cold did not help my throat at all. By the time I got to class my throat was on fire. Luckily I had a bottle of water so that helped.
Well I make it through class and I am starting to feel worse but still ok and no fever. Within like a hour and a half I was miserable. I was studying with a friend for the test that we had at 8p.m. and then he had to go to class. I went to sit with roomie while she ate lunch. By this point I was convinced that I had the flu. I was trying to call a Dr. office but never could get an answer. My head, back and chest were hurting and I'm sure my fever was at least 101 if not 102, but I was freezing. My throat felt like it was on fire. A friend gave me some advil, I didn't think it would help but she was convinced that it would so I took it. I don't know what's in Advil but within an hour i felt so much better. I could tell the exact moment that my fever broke and then my head and back stopped hurting. My chest still hurts really bad and I may still go to the doctor tommorrow. Sunday is my birthday and I don't want to be sick. Actually have birtday plans for tomorrow night, but who knows if I will feel up to it.
The test was ok. It wasn't to hard considering that friend and I studied all afternoon. We did take a coldstone break and he bought me ice cream. It kinda sucked though cause today is his birthday and he was kinda sick to. But he was a sweetheart and put up with me all day. I tried to not to whine to much but I just really felt awful. I haven't felt like this in a loooong time.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

1 week till my Birthday

I am not ready for this weekend to be over. I have 2 tests next week..already. I am not ready for tests yet. The good news is that I have old test from previous semesters that I can use to study with. That always helps. I have actually had a pretty good weekend. Friday roomie and I went on a date together at Olive Garden and when we got done stuffing our face and making pigs out of ourselves we rented some movies and went back to our apt. and started watching them when a friend of ours from Highschool called and said him and another friend we graduated with were in town for the basketball game. So we gave them directions to our apt. They came over and we played guitar hero.....of course we would. Saturday we offered to show them around campus, so we took them to Mughshots a really good burger place on the strip and took them around campus and all. We showed them some of the buildings and where to park for the game and all that good stuff.

. Later we went ice skating with some friends in Pelham. It was a lot of fun. I did not fall the entire time....and yes I let go of the No one got hurt thank goodness. Except right when it was 9 and they told everyone to clear the ice this little girl fell and either tore her ACL or broke her leg. It was bad. A few of our friends that are in nursing school were out there at the time and went over to help her. They had to call the ambulance and everything.

Half the gang that went Ice Skating. L to R....Shaun, Me, Mollie, Allison, Jess Tomas, Emma Anne, Kellie, Christina and Jacob. I was about to fall.

Christina, Allison, Kris, Mollie, and Jason
Hayden, Allison, and Mollie
Jess T being silly
Jess Lee posing
Today has been a pretty lazy day. Just trying to study and get ready for my tests next week. My Birthday is in 1 week. I am so excited. I tried to convince my parents to come down and take me to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner, but my dad is not game for that idea....:(. Oh well maybe one day I will manage to go there. I think my friends from Highschool that didn't get to come this weekend are going to try and come this weekend and we are going to have a little birthday party...:) That should be fun.

Thursday, January 24, 2008's back

School is starting to get hectic again. I have my first C++ program due tomorrow. The long nights in Houser computer lab has already began. I am actually enjoying this semester, Although I haven't had any tests yet so we will see. I have made a couple of new friends. By now I am getting my routine down again, You know what time to wake up, what time to leave, who is going to be in the Ferg for lunch...blah blah blah. My Linear teacher still ceases to amaze me in wearing his very ugly 80's sweatshirt..EVERYDAY! But the class is easy so far so I'm not complaining. Which reminds me that I have not recieved my other book that I orderd off line over 2 weeks ago!! Obviously books have thier own form of mail called Media mail and it's EXTREMELY slow. I was not aware of this.
So friend from High School is not coming this weekend....:( her stepdad doesn't want her to drive down here alone and no one can come with her. So I guess It will just be me and rooomie this weekend. Any one want to come visit?? We are up for visitors. The idea of going ice skating in B'ham has been thrown around a little but not sure yet.
It's only 10 days till my birthday!!! YAY! Although 20 is not going to be a very interesting age. Nothing will change. Although my mom is a little upset that I won't be a teenager any more. It is kinda weird to think about being 20 though. It seems like when I was younger and I thought about someone being 20. I thought man they are so grown up and can do whatever they want, but I just don't feel like that. It's hard to explain. I just don't feel like what I used to imagine a 20 year old being like. Oh well right now I am starving so I'm going to leave early and get some breakfast before class.

Monday, January 21, 2008

3 Day Weekend!

My weekend was ok. Nothing to major, but nothing horrible either. Friday night I went to a friends apt on campus and a few girls and I watched a movie. The Holiday to be exact. It's a great chick flick. I even know a few guys that like it. It was late when we left so I decided to stay the night with the Jesses they live on campus as well. Also it was supposed to snow. I pretty much knew that it wouldn't, but in the unlikely event that it did.....I did not want to be snowed in alone at my apt. Roomie went to Kentucky as I mentioned in a previous post. It did snow...for a very short time. One Jess and I walked around campus while it snowed.Other Jess stayed in the room cause she is from Massachusets and snow is something she see's all the time. It was very pretty. It barely even covered the ground but the quad and the buildings were still pretty. I wish it would have snowed a couple of inches. Campus would be beautiful and a huge snowball fight on the quad would be awesome!!
Later we went to dinner with a friend who lived down the hall from the Jesses. This semester he is co-oping so we haven't seen him in a while. We went to Olive Garden...YUMMY!! Then we went and watched the bucket list. It was an ok movie. Kinda predictable. We walked out and the Jesses were just bawling. I had a tear, but I don't cry over movies. So it was nothing big.
Sunday a friend came over and we worked on C++ project and played guitar hero.
Today I had lunch with Jess and another friend, and now I am trying to get caught up on Homework. I want to have everything done before the weekend because a friend from highschool is coming to visit so I want to be able to spend time with her and not be doing hw.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

I hate online Calculus

School is starting to get hectic. I am doing ok with not falling behind. Hopefully it will stay that way. I have my first CS 124 project to write this weekend. I don't think it will be that bad. It's kinda a review from last semester so far. Calculus is getting on my nerves. I hate the stupid online HW. It drives me nuts. My linear teacher still wears his old school sweatshirt EVERYDAY! I guess it's like his comfort thing or something. It is so ugly though. We all make fun of him. I know we should be ashamed.
This weekend is going to be boring cause roomie won't be here. She is going to visit her boyfriend and his family. :( I will miss her. Oh well I will have enough stuff to keep me busy. At least it's 3 day weekend. Me and some friends are supposed to have girls night tomorrow night. She was recently married and they live in an apartment on campus. She is kicking her husband out for the night so we can all come over. It will be fun I think. As for the rest of the weekend I have zero plans. I'm sure I will find something though. My birthday is in 17 days. I am excited, although I think 20 will be kinda a boring age. I can't do anything different than now. But it is kinda freaking me out that I won't be a teenager anymore.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

While I still have some freedom and my sanity...

So class went well this week. Nothing to major yet. It fills good to still have my sanity while class is going on. I know next week it will all start back full fledge though. I still don't have my books. I ordered them off line and they have not arrived yet. I am going to be behind on some reading by the time they get here.
The weekend has been good so far. Last night Nikki, Jeremiah, and I had dinner at Outback....yummy! Thanks Jeremiah. Today the 3 of us went to the Galleria in B'ham. Jeremiah wanted to get new clothes. Tomorrow my parents are coming down here and bringing my new desk. Actually it's not new, it's one we had at home, but it is bigger. I am excited. Maybe now I will have somewhere to actually do my Homework and my room won't stay so cluttered with books. Roomie has turned me into more of a neat freak. I am so tired I'm thinking about going to bed early. Being up till 4 a.m this morning is catching up with me.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Guy advice needed?????

I don't know what to do about this little love triangle I have gotten myself into. I don't even know how it happened. I was all fine and dandy with being single, although still looking for any prospective candidates and then guy #1 comes along. You know.... we hang out, go to dinner a few times, you know normal stuff. Well then he tells me that he's not really looking for a realtionship right now. Well now I'm thinking thats just great. I find someone that I like and am interested in and it's not going to work. So I begin to try to give up and quickly find that not working. So I try to go along and just kinda forget about him. No not going to work. We have by this point established a great friendship and just continue to see each other. He was sending me mixed signals and by this point had my feelings on a giant emotional roller coaster. One day it was all good and then the next day it was like he hated me. I never knew what to think. By the time I had myself talked into giving up then everything turned around again. Most of it had to do with the fact that it was mid semester and stress was just soaring through everyone at this point.
Well then here comes guy # 2. He is awesome. I had class with him. We talked and studied together sometimes. Well then I start to realize that he might be crushing on me a little bit. Since we started out as friends, I had already talked to him about guy #1 and the situation I was in. He was really nice about it and just listened. So eventually he asked me out and at this point I said yes. Well it was right before Christmas break so we were going to wait till we came back. I thought that the break would help me figure out which direction I wanted to go in. Yeah right!! At first I didn't think that anything would evolve with guy #2 so I told him that I wasn't over guy # 1 and didn't want to lead him on, but at the same time I didn't want to push him away. I know that was so selfish of me. So of course we continue to talk and I continued to weigh the facts of each guy and what I needed to do. One day I would feel like guy #1 and one day guy #2 and back and forth I went. I kept trying to tell guy #2 that I didn't think I could give up guy #1 and that It probably wasn't going to work and I just didn't want him to waste his time hanging around for me. I know that is definitly not what any guy wants to hear.
So.....hear I am...
Not only do I like guy #1 a lot, but he helped me so much last semester. He lit that fire back under my tail that helped me make the grades I did. For some reason I just feel so motivated by him. He's older than me so he has some worldly experience. It's so insprirational to me that he actually has goals and has everything about him devoted them. There's just something about him I don't know how to describe it. I feel so comfortable around him. I just have so much fun being around him and can't stand being away from him. At first he came across as an ass so some of my friends don't like him but most of them do.
And behind door number 2 we have guy #2. He is awesome. He is sweet, attractive, and I have so much fun being around him. I do like him, I'm just not sure if it's on that realtionship level that he wants. When we hang out it's kinda awkward. It's not that I don't feel comfortable around him, it's just i feel like I am hiding something from him.
This is all so new to me. I have never had to be the heart breaker. I don't know how to tell him that I just want to be friends. I don't want to break his heart but I can't continue to let this go on. I haven't just been leading him on this whole time. I thought something might eventually become of it but now I just think It won't. I would absolutlely love to be friends with him. I just don't know how to tell him, but I have got to figure it out and FAST!! I can't keep going on like this. I am NOT that girl. It breaks my heart everytime I think about hurting him. He is such a sweet guy, but he deserves more than what I've got to offer right now.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guitar Hero.....ugh!!

Class started today. Today was an easy day but it was basically a "Hi my name is Dr. whatever heres the syllabus this is what we are going to do bye see you next time". Only one of my teachers is American. My cal teacher is Chinese, but I like him. I had him last semester before I had to drop his class. He is a great teacher, I just had to much going on at one time. My linear Algebra teacher is a nut and obviously stuck in the 80's. He walked in with this awful mess of semi curly hair all over his head ( Britt you would have died). It looked as if he barely even combed it. He was wearing this grey sweatshirt that said class of "something" but it had "spoiled brat" written in pink and purple letters. As if that was not enough he had on a plaid button up shirt underneath to where you could only see the collar. I must have missed the part where someone said it was ok for guys to wear shirts that say "Spoiled brat". Especially professors at a prestigious University such as the University of Alabama.
My latest addiction is guitar hero. I don't particularly like the game but it is begining to grow on me. Roomie got it for Christmas so now I play it all the time. I am starting to get a little better at it. The better I get the more fun it gets.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Coming sooner than I want

So classes start back tomorrow. I am in a few ways looking forward to it but in a few ways not. For one I do feel more motivated to do better this semester. I get a fresh start and I feel like I actually do know what is coming at me and not just being blindsighted by the whole thing. But the on the other hand I do know that this semester is going to be tough and keep me on my toes. I have calculus 3 and linear Algebra (or matrix theory as they call it) plus I have CS 124 which is the next C++ class and I have heard it is really hard and I don't doubt that for a second and also I have a class called Digital Logic. I'm not sure what it is about but it is one of my main courses for my specific major. Hopefully it won't be to bad. Right now I am just trying to look on the bright side and keep telling myself that this is a new semester and I can do it. I just am trying to keep my head above water and not start drowning to soon.
I did actually get to have some fun before classes though. I hung out with some friends this weekend and roomie and I went to some friends house last night and maybe had a little to much fun...**wink..wink** and we got to see the Jesses tonight we had dinner with them and then played guitar hero...I missed those girls so much. Still a little confused on the dating situations but I think I am just going to try being single for a while. I'm really enjoying just taking care of me and worrying about what I need and not having to deal with someone else all the time.
Well I need to quit griping on here and get some sleep so I will actually wake up for class .
For now just pray that I can start this semester off on the right foot and I don't feel like jumping off Denny Chimes any time has crossed my mind in the past.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Back in T-town

Honey I'm home!!!! I am back in t-town and of course it's just as boring as home. But thats ok my friends will all be back soon and school will be here soon enough. Then I will most definitly not be bored. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again. It's funny how I got so attached to so many people. Now it's a lose lose situation....I miss people if I go home and I miss people if I stay. But what can I say at least I was blessed with so many great friends!!! Today has been a pretty boring day. I went to target and bought some food and thats about it. I am so excited to have fast internet back again.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Christmas Break is Almost Over

So it's almost time to go back to school. In some ways I am excited and others I am sad. I am ready to go back and see all my friends, but I know as soon as I get there the fun and games will be short lived and then it's back to reality and studying my brain off. Like I said in a earlier goal is to make better grades this semester. I am also wierd as this may seem.....ready for classes to start so I can get back into a routine again. I think thats mostly because I know it is going to eventually come. I am begining to get bored here...I'm running out of things to do and people to go visit. Don't get me wrong I have had a great Christmas break and all I am just feeling a little lazy and don't want that to become to big of a habit. Because being in college at Bama leaves me everything short of being lazy, that is at least if I plan to make it at all there. I have new plans for this semester. I want to start going to the rec center and working out. I plan to do this in the mornings before class. Since class doesn't start until 10 or 11 every morning this will be a good way to get me out of bed. Plus I need to stay a size 5-7 for a while....I like it that way. I don't want to get fat. Speaking of getting fat... I need to get away from this house and all its food. Don't get me wrong..I LOVE my mama's cooking and all but I have been eating to much. Plus all the candy and goodies from the holidays....I have probably gained a few pounds since I have been here. It's like wow there is actually food in this house. Because Nikki and I keep very little food in out apartment. That brings up another goal for this semester. To cook more and to eat more healthy. Last semester consisted of to much eating out. I know how to's just finding the time to that was a problem. This semester I need to cook more. So if you have any yummy, quick and easy can share the secret.

So as for the past couple of days I haven't really accomplished much . New Years Eve I went to a friend from churchs house. I pretty much just played with my pastors 2 year old all night.
New Years day was pretty boring. I was incredibly tired and went to bed at like 9:30. Today I scrapbooked with a friend. That was lots of fun. We had some drama at Wal-mart this morning trying to print pics but after probably close to 2 hours we finally headed for her house. Then her mom fixed us some lunch so I ended up staying at her house all afternoon, but we had lots of fun. Scrapbooking is something that I miss a lot. I don't have room for my stuff at my apt, nor do I really have the time to do anything when I am there. I managed to do 6 pages today though. I'm kinda caught up for now. Tomorrow morning I have to go to the eye Doctor. I am not looking forward to getting up early and getting out in the cold. BRRRR. Tomorrow afternoon I am supposed to have dinner with some really close friends from High School. I am pretty excited about that. I don't get to see them very often. We were all super close in High School. Most of us have grew up together so not seeing each other often was a big change.