Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Come and Gone Once Again

Christmas has come and gone once again. It's already over and still doesn't seem like it should be here yet. Overall I had a great Christmas. I already knew what I was getting which took the surprise out of everything but it was worth it. My new camera is awesome. I did although get a big surprise from my aunt and cousin. They got me a North Face. Its a pretty pinkish melon color. I had a bunch of drama trying to return it for the right size but I eventually found one. Other than that I just got money and gift cards which works for me cause now I can pick what I want. I miss my friends so much. Friday I went out with a good friend of mine that I went to Northeast with. He bought me dinner and a movie...how sweet of him. Last night my little cousin spent the night. She tells me everytime I come home that she misses me and she wants to spend the night with me so I let her. She was good. She made me read about 15 books to her and she woke me up singing and then cried to come back to my house after church. After church I had lunch with a friend but other than that I have had a pretty boring day.

I can't believe this year is almost over. It has went by so fast. I have learned so much this year. Some good and some bad. I became single, moved to another town, made new friends, came closer to some and drifted away from some. My New Years resolution is to make better grades next semester and get my 4.0. Hopefully 2008 will be just as good or better than 2007.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A must see

So my mom and I went to see the new Alvin and the Chipmunks movie tonight. Let me just say...it is hilarious.
I have been dying to see it and we finally got rid of my dad long enough to go watch it. Mom got off work early so we left kinda early and went and had a early dinner at Panera and then did a little Christmas shopping and then headed on over to the theater. The movie was so cute. My favorite part will always be when Alvin is in the dishwasher singing "Don't ya wish your girlfriends was hot like me..."..and Dave says "Alvin out of the dishwasher".. and Alvin says "I'm waiting for the rinse cycle". I don't know why but that part is so funny.
Tomorrow my roomate and I are going to Birmingham for some friends of ours wedding. It should be fun. I can't wait for Christmas. For one I am excited to see some of my family that I haven't seen in a while. Two I am ready to get my awesome new camera. I don't know what it is about moving away to college but it makes spending time with my family much more important. Although we have never really been traditional with what my mom's family does on holidays we are actually getting together this year and I am very excited to see them. It is going to be a little weird though without my mamaw. It should go ok though.

Bored Already

I have barely been home for a week and am already ready to go back. It is so boring here. How did I live here for 19 1/2 years of my life? Technically there isn't that much more to do in Tuscaloosa but my friends are there and there are so many of them that there is always something to do plus I am always busy with school. That part I don't really miss. I am enjoying the time off from studying, but at the same time looking forward to seeing what next semester brings. I plan to do a lot better next semester as far as studying and making good grades goes. I am not waiting till mid term to decide that I need to kick it up in second gear. I need my 4.0 back. I don't care what it takes.
That also brings up anothe confusing subject in my life. To date or not to date? I'm not sure that I am looking for anything serious at this point, nor do I think I have time for it. But at the same time I do like someone...possibly more than one someone....I know thats horrible of me. I am trying to not like one of them but it is not working. I am doing myself no good liking him though and the bad thing is that I know that. Nothing is ever going to become of it, although I feel as if he started the whole thing by seeking out me. He is older than me and has a whole different aspect and focus on life and where he wants to be and go. And then behind door number 2 there is sweet, attractive guy number 2 that is my age that does sorta want a relationship and here I am being this selfish spoiled rotten brat that can't let go of something long enough to give him a chance. Someone should just give me a swift kick in the ass and make me wake up. I really do want to give him chance, but also at the same time I want to be fair to him. Basically the friendship that I have with guy number one will continue no matter what....it will just become more of a friendship than the open relationship status it is now. Any guy that I date is just going to have to understand that the majority of my friends are guys and that is just how it is. He is just going to have to trust me. I am not going too put up with the crap that my roomate puts up with. That just brings me back to thinking that being single will be better for me right now. That way I don't have to deal with anything but myself. Oh well I will figure it out eventually.....but hopefully soon before I ruin my chances.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

SO...it's been a while since I blogged. I have been stuck at home with no internet.....**tears**. I never realized how much I was addicted to the internet until I didn't have it. So I made it through the semester. I am 200th's of a point away from being on the Dean's List. My GPA is like 3.4 something. I will have to say I think that is pretty good for my first semester. Give my self a big pat on the back....Go Kellie!! Next semester I am going to have better grades though. I don't care if I have to become a hermit and study all the time...somehow I will do it.
So on the other hand I am finally ready for Christmas. I have everyones Christmas present excpet my Mom's from my dad. I know how lame that I have to pick it out for him. I have had so much fun being home and getting to see all my friends. I got the whole Shelby welcome Sunday at church.....when she walked in the room and saw me...KKEEEEELLLLIEEE and ran up to me and jumped in my arms and gave me a big hug and just layed there. How sweet is she....at least at that moment. I have had tons of fun with Brittany this week. We went shopping today and went to Bridgestreet....it's so pretty there but a little to rich for my blood. I'm hoping to go see the Alvin and the Chipmunks movie Friday with my mom and Shelby...Yay I am so excited!! I know I am just like a little kid, but I think it will be a hilarious movie.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

One down one to go....

C++ is finally over!!! Tonight was the final. It was not to hard. I actually feel like I did ok on it. I got my project 7-8 grade back....104/100. Woot go me!!! So I only have one more final and this semester will be over. I can not wait. I am going to be crazy by 6:00 p.m Friday. I still have to study for my test. I just don't feel like it right now. I guess I will be up late tomorrow trying to figure out circuit analysis. Hopefully I will do well on this test and bring up my grade. I think I could be in the running for an A in this class if not at least a B+. So far I have a B and an A+ in my other classes. I have no idea how I pulled off a B in my 116 lab. There is no way I passed the final. There must have been a huge curve or something. Oh well I am not complaining. I can't wait to go home for Christmas.

Monday, December 10, 2007

My brain needs a rest

Finals are killing me!!! My brain is going to explode really soon. I have been studying on and off all day today since around 10:00. I am now to the point where I can't concentrate on any of it. I think I am calling it quits for today...then it's back at it again tommorrow and test on Wed....then study for another test thurs and finally end the semester with the last final on Friday. I need to do well on these test to bring up my grades. So I am trying to cram as much info as possible into my already overflowing brain. I can't wait for it all to be over.....but then to think that I just get to do it all over again next semester. Am I crazy or what? Oh well one day when I am making my 6 digit salary a year I will thank myself and look back on this and laugh for hours on how stupid I was to complain.....or maybe how much I would love to be back in college?? Who knows...

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Making Cookies!!

Today Nikki and I made cookies for a Christmas Party at a friends house tonight. Our oven even cooperated and didn't burn them. We just turned the oven on barely even 300 and cooked them really slow. Yes they do taste as good as they look. We ate a lot of them. Our kitchen was a mess by the time we got all of them cooked and decorated but we had fun in the process. Now the question is what are we going to put them all in to get them to the party without smooshing them.

Friday, December 7, 2007

A Day off??? What is that?

The last 2 days have been so laid back I don't even know what to do. I haven't had a day off in so long I forgot what to do with one. Yesterday I didn't have class at all. I submitted my last C++ project at 2 a.m. Thursday morning and went to bed. I didn't wake up till almost noon yesterday. When I say didn't wake up I mean really not even once. I didn't even hear my roomate leave for class. So after I slept half the day away I got up and went and ran some errands. Later that night we went to the Jesses. A bunch of friends came over and they cooked Puerto Rican/Spanish food. It was actually pretty good....except the fried plantains. They tasted like potatoes and looked like a squished bananas.
Today I only had one class and we didn't really do much. Just did a little recap of the semesters material and did teacher evaluations....nothing big. Then before leaving campus for the day I grabbed a quick lunch with a friend and then went and done a small amount of Christmas shopping. I have a total of 2 Christmas presents. Later tonight we are going to a friends house in Hoover for dinner. Tommorow Nikki and I are making Christmas cookies for a Christmas Party at a friends house. Hopefully I will find some time to study this weekend for my finals. I can't wait till finals are over and I can find out how bad I need a swift kick in the butt for not making the grades that I am capable of. I am predicting 3 A's..... maybe 1 B could be a C and one unknown.....not better than a C most deffinitly. Well I am going to go wake up my roomie so we can go to target.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally C++ Projects are over!!

Today has been a long day but the good news is I am finally finished with C++ projects. THANKS KYLE AND JEREMIAH!!!! I owe you guys a big one. I am about to submit the last one....that is for this semester. Next semester I get to start all over again. The good thing is some of next semesters projects will be group work. My plan is to sit with the smart people.....lol.
The other good news is tomorrow I have no classes and Friday I only have 1 and all we are doing is asking questions for the final and teacher evaluations.....I'm not sure this teacher is going to get a very good report from me or not. At this particular moment I am pissed off at the entire Computer Science Dept. but that is another story in itself. Maybe I will feel sorry for the teacher and give him a half way good rating. I have a final on Wednesday and a final on Friday and then my first semester here will be over. Wow that's crazy!! I can't believe it. Hopefully I can pull off some decent grades. The bad news is that my final on Friday 3:30-to 6 so I probably will not come home till Saturday. It just depends on what all is going on. It just doesn't seem like Christmas. I think it's because I have been so busy and I don' t have time to think about anything but school. I also have not bought a single present for anyone. Actually that is on tommorow's agenda. I'm hoping that I will have time to do some shoppping this weekend. As for now I have to get back to my project and get it ready to submit.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

One Boring Weekend

This weekend has been so boring. I basically just sat at my apt and worked on my C++ project most of the weekend. Nikki was gone and it was really quiet and lonely. Yes I have other friends but I just forced myself to stay here and study and work on my project. Thankfully it is the last project for this semester. It's not due till Thursday but It's long and worth 200 points so I don't want to wait till the last minute. It would be impossible to complete in just one day. Friday night I did have dinner with a friend and then watched a few movies. Saturday I stayed home all day except the short trip to our ghetto Wal-Mart to get a few things. Today I slept in and worked on my project and studied for a final I have on Tuesday and watched Harry Potter .
Tomorrow is going to be like D-Day....I will possibly find out what I made on 3 tests. Maybe this week won't be so bad I only have one finale on Tuesday and my project is due Thursday. A little lighter load than the previous weeks......I still can't believe the semester is almost over. I still can't figure out where November went. It just flew by. Christmas is coming up fast and I haven't bought a thing. It doesn't really seem like Christmas to me yet because I am so busy here that I don't have time to really think about. I don't know what to get anyone. Some people better be giving me some hints or something cause I have no clue.
I can't wait for Nikki to get back its so lonely here. She's not supposed to be back til late so I will probably be asleep. :(