Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am Thankful for.......

Tis the season to be Thankful here are just a few things I am thankful for.

I am thankful that God has allowed me to live 21 1/2 healthy years on this wonderful Earth that HE created.

*I am thankful for my Family and that they are healthy.

*I am thankful for my Friends and that they are healthy.

*I am thankful that God placed my wonderful boyfriend in my life , he is awesome and he takes such good care of me and is always there for me.

*I am thankful for his family, they welcome me with open arms and treat me as one of their own.
*I am thankful that because of my hard-working parents I can attend one of the best schools in the state and get a great education to start my future

*I am thankful to have a home and food on my table.

*I am thankful to be able to come home and spend the holidays with my family

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Time

I miss the beach already, but mostly I miss my baby. I miss seeing him everyday and holding him and giving him kisses and sitting on the beach with him, and eating a whole pint of ben & Jerry's ice cream in the mom mobile in publix parking lot, I miss him fixing the sofa bed and tucking me in for 3 nights in a row I want to see him...NOW!! but I might not get to see him for almost another month when school starts back. I can't go see him this weekend then he might go see his friend in Tampa and the its his cruise and I can't go during the week cause I work and then when he gets back from his cruise then we are going on vacation and then the next week school starts.

We had so much fun at the beach. I am so thankful to have a boyfriend with such a loving family that just lets me tag a long everywhere and lets me eat thier food. I love them so much, but I love him more. ;) The trip was awesome, the beach was beautiful. The sand was mostly clean and the water was pretty clear considering how I have seen it before. The waves were huge, the first day they would almost knock you down. It was yellow flag all 3 days, but that didn't stop us. Friday we jsut hung out on the beach for all day and then Justins mom cooked some dinner and we went out to Pier Park for a bit and then met Tim and Paige and hung out with them for a while. Saturday was the 4th and we went to the beach again and then ate some yummy BBQ and ribs for dinner with Aunt Suzie and Trey. Then we got to watch the fireworks at the lagoon from our balcony, it was great. Then Justin and I went and got some ice cream and went to hang out with Andrew and some of Justin's friends that were also in town. We were going to go out to Tiki bar or something but they charge outrageous prices at those places so we ended up not going. Sunday we mostly stayed in the shade and layed around till it was time to go home. I got to stay with my baby one more night, it was awesome. I hate having to leave him cause he is so awesome to me and I have so much fun with him.
The good news is I got my car back yesterday when I got home. I am so excited and am now going to be a much more careful driver. I can't afford any more accidents.
I am so tired and just want to go to bed. Work needs to be over already.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ready for the beach.

Summer is going good, my parents are driving me crazy, but I guess that's what you get when you live off at college for 2 years and then try to move back for the summer. What the heck was I thinking. I am hopefully getting to go to the beach Thursday with Justin and his family. I am super excited and need a parent vacation. His parents will be there but I like them a lot better. I know that is a terrible thing to say.
I am really liking my job. I don't do much but at least is sounds good to say that I work at Alabama Super Computer. I am looking forward to getting to come back when I am home for breaks. I am hoping to try and get a job at the help desk at school in the fall just to make a little extra money.
Hopefully we will get to go on vacation to Savannah when I quit working for the summer.

I may be getting purple glasses, I am so excited. My mom got some and they are so cute on her.
Today is going to be baby CoraLynn's birthday, I am so sad that I can't be in Texas to see her but I'm sure Titi Jess will send me tons of pictures.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

so I haven't posted in a while. It's been a great summer so far. I am absolutely loving not having school. I love being able to do whatever I want all day long...although that will soon change when i start working. I decided that i needed to work because I have no money. I am going back to Lozier just for the summer. It's a terrible job but it pays well.
I have been really busy lately. Last weekend my boyfriends brother got married in Demopolis. It was a beautiful wedding. Hopefully I can get some pictures on here soon. It was a very tiring weekend.
Monday was Brittany's birthday celebration. She had a surf n turf meal at her house. Tuesday I just stayed around the house and cooked dinner for me and my parents, fajitas and apple pie. It was yummy except I used the wrong kind of apples and my pie was sour. My mom is going to be lost when I go back to school because I have been cooking for her almost every night since I have been home.
Hopefully soon I will get to start P90x. I just hope that I can do it and that after work I actually have the time and energy. My wonderful boyfriend is supposed to be mailing it to me. He is absolutely that greatest boyfriend a girl could ask for and I am so in love with him and his family.
Well I dont have to much to say right now gotta find something to cook for dinner.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Great Song

So.. I heard this song on the radio on my way home from Tuscaloosa Saturday morning. At first when it started out I almost changed it because it didn't sound good, but something told me not to and as I listen a few more seconds I was like wow this song is amazing. I am in love with it now. The lyrics are so true and I am sure that everyone can relate to a time when you think you are not good enough, or pretty enough or whatever your situation might be. I know I can and most of my friends can to. I think often time we take for granted what God has worked so hard to give us and that he gave it to us for a reason.I dont know how to make it fit on the screen right and I dont like the video but it was the only good one that wasn't live.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

NOOOO don't make me study

I don't want to study....but unless I want to fail miserably I must study. I need to go to the library but it's raining and probably very crowded at the library because every other tom dick and harry in this town also has a stressful week of finals ahead of them as well. Stay at home and study you say, well you see the problem with that is that at home there is a tv and an easily accessed computer such as the one I am wasting my time on now. All these things prevent me from studying. *sigh. But there comes a time when I just have to suck it up and do it anyways and get off this darn computer and go pull out my books and study something till my eyeballs fall out. Oh well next weekend it will all be over and well worth the sacrifice. Wish me luck...I will def need it. :)


Friday, May 1, 2009

It's almost over!!!

It's hard to believe the semester is almost over. In 7 days I will have completed my 4th semester at the University of Alabama. Yeah I know, It seems like yesterday I was begging my dad to let me move here. This has been a busy semester, but I am happy to say that I am done with c++ classes for my college career and hopefully FOREVER!!. My finals are next week, I have 2 Wed, 1 Thurs and 1 Fri and then some of my friends from high school are coming down and along with roomie and the 2 others friends from HS that live here we are going to have a drink or 2 or 3 or celebrate the end of the semester.
Moving here was such an awakening for me. I have changed and grown up so much. I have the best friends and the most awesome boyfriend ever. Which btw I need to post some of his amazing photography work that he has done for me. He has a new nikon D40 and I am super jelous.
I am looking forward to the end of the semester. I plan to go home and stay there with my parents for a while. I know I will not last long there because it is so boring but in a way I am ready to go back for a while. I know Brittany is probably more excited than me. :) I would like to take a good vacation but I know that probably will not happen. I'm just looking forward to a few months without books, calculators or projects and tests. I hope I do well on my finals which brings me to the point that I should be studying for them instead of making my blog look pretty, since I am sure no one reads this anymore since I do not post ever. The plan is to blog more this summer but we all know how my plans usually go. I need to be writing my ECE paper but I am just not motivated, and the sleeping puppy at the end of my bed is not a motivation either. He looks so funny.

He likes to sleep like this, sorry for the bad quality but it was taken from my phone. I know if I get up he will follow me.

Here is me and my girl at her T-ball game
I'm looking forward to getting to spend more
time with her this summer

Justin and I at his condo before the A-day game

some pictures he took at the UA Arboretum.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Mid semester crunch

Everything is so busy these days. I can tell its starting to be mid semester because everything seems to be due at once. It seems like I finish one homework and then have to turn right around and do another one. I have came to the conclusion that college is this never ending cycle of craziness. I'm not sure if it is ever going to end. Even with tues and thurs off I still seem to never get everything done. My grades are not exactly where I want them to be. but hopefully they will improve. My classes are so hard. I am in the last programming class thank goodness, but it is kicking my tail, I should be working on my project right now, but I have no idea what to do.

Also I am trying this new diet/eating healthy thing. It is going pretty good so far. I try to work out almost everyday for at least an hour. That is 30 minutes of weights and 20-30 min on the elliptical. I have cut out all fast food and sodas and most sweets. I haven't had McDonalds in over a month and I am dying. But on the other hand I have found some healthier foods that I do enjoy eating. My new favorite place to eat is Jason's Deli. Hopefully I can keep this up until I reach the weight I want.
Another part that is keeping me busy is Nikki and I are looking for a new apartment. A family just moved in upstairs and they have 2 small children and it sounds like the tasmanian devil lives up there. ITS SO LOUD!! So far we havent found anything we really like and can afford. Everything is so expensive.
I am hoping to find an intern or something this summer. I need a job that pays well. I have decided against the co-op option so I need to get my foot in the door somehow.
Well I guess I should get back to doing some homework or that dreaful project.