Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer Time

I miss the beach already, but mostly I miss my baby. I miss seeing him everyday and holding him and giving him kisses and sitting on the beach with him, and eating a whole pint of ben & Jerry's ice cream in the mom mobile in publix parking lot, I miss him fixing the sofa bed and tucking me in for 3 nights in a row I want to see him...NOW!! but I might not get to see him for almost another month when school starts back. I can't go see him this weekend then he might go see his friend in Tampa and the its his cruise and I can't go during the week cause I work and then when he gets back from his cruise then we are going on vacation and then the next week school starts.

We had so much fun at the beach. I am so thankful to have a boyfriend with such a loving family that just lets me tag a long everywhere and lets me eat thier food. I love them so much, but I love him more. ;) The trip was awesome, the beach was beautiful. The sand was mostly clean and the water was pretty clear considering how I have seen it before. The waves were huge, the first day they would almost knock you down. It was yellow flag all 3 days, but that didn't stop us. Friday we jsut hung out on the beach for all day and then Justins mom cooked some dinner and we went out to Pier Park for a bit and then met Tim and Paige and hung out with them for a while. Saturday was the 4th and we went to the beach again and then ate some yummy BBQ and ribs for dinner with Aunt Suzie and Trey. Then we got to watch the fireworks at the lagoon from our balcony, it was great. Then Justin and I went and got some ice cream and went to hang out with Andrew and some of Justin's friends that were also in town. We were going to go out to Tiki bar or something but they charge outrageous prices at those places so we ended up not going. Sunday we mostly stayed in the shade and layed around till it was time to go home. I got to stay with my baby one more night, it was awesome. I hate having to leave him cause he is so awesome to me and I have so much fun with him.
The good news is I got my car back yesterday when I got home. I am so excited and am now going to be a much more careful driver. I can't afford any more accidents.
I am so tired and just want to go to bed. Work needs to be over already.

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