Thursday, March 4, 2010

Super Savings at Walgreens!

I am getting good at this couponing thing. I got all this pictured at Walgreens for $22.26 minus the mellow mushroom cup and the napkin holder in the background. I got some of the items free or nearly free and got back $9 worth of Register rewards to use so I paid in 2 transactions. I know it doesn't look like a lot of stuff but its expensive stuff like medicine and Aveeno lotion and CHOCOLATE!! No I do not plan on eating all that chocolate and those jelly beans myself. I plan to share. At least I bought toothpaste so my teeth don't rot. My total for all this without coupons and RR should have been $55! I feel like I did ok for a semi beginner. I def plan to keep it up even if I do get weird looks in stores. College is NOT cheap people!! Hopefully I will get an update about me on here soon. Right now its off to study for a quiz tomo and this its the weekend!

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