Sunday, March 7, 2010

Please Don't Leave Mr. Weekend

Please don't Leave Mr. Weekend I have enjoyed you so. I am not ready for the weekend to end. I am not ready for the next week, but no matter if I'm ready or not its going to end really soon, really really soon to be exact and I must get ready to face tomorrow anyway. At least I only have one more week until Spring Break!! That means one week closer to seeing my family, one week closer to seeing Brittany, and one week closer to Panama City!
Oh yeah back to the weekend. I have had a great relaxing weekend. Friday night I cooked dinner for Justin and I. Pork Tenderloin, roasted red potatoes, and broccoli. After that we made peanut butter popcorn and watched Night at the Museum II and just chilled at the apt.

Justin and his old school but awesome pop corn popper

LOTS of popcorn!!

Peanut Butter Popcorn, Oh so yummy!!

Justin also made some regular popcorn with cheese flavor stuff on it!

My bowl vs. His bowl Hmmm....

Harley really wanted some popcorn to....he may or may not have had a few pieces ;)

Saturday I slept in way to long. I woke up at 5:30 and then fell back asleep till 11 A.M.! I never sleep that long. Justin called and said he was on his way over which was a surprise to me that he was even awake. It was cheat day for him so he wanted MILO's for lunch and I was starving so that was ok with me. So we went and got some lunch, it was a treat for us because we NEVER eat fast food. After that we went back to his condo and just chilled out some more. Later we went to target to pick up a few things and get Justin his beloved ICEE for his cheat day. I may or may not have had one to. Then it was back to my place to decide what was for dinner. Basically neither of us wanted to spend a lot of money or cook so we just opted for Hungry Howies, again another big cheat for the day. Basically we were just really lazy all weekend.
Now its time to study for a test I have this week and find some food cause I'm hungry!

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britts busy days said...

#1 - thanks for my new page! love it! #2 - love your's! #3_ so freaking excited about spring break!!!!! and last but not least - the most important -i'm so thankful you got some rest! go kel! love you!