Sunday, May 16, 2010

A few great deals

Well summer is finally here and I actually have time to think about something other than school! I have been really focusing on couponing this week and actually scored some good deals! Yesterday I went to CVS and picked up some Huggies( for a gift) and some crest. In all I spent $9.25 and got back $6 is ECB's for a total of $3.25 for what is pictured. The toothpaste was supposed to give me a $3.50 ECB but it didn't print so when I asked about it and they guy went in and made it print it gave me $4 so that worked out in my favor and the toothpaste rang up $2.75 instead of $3.50. So I consider that a pretty good deal.

Today I went to target and also got some pretty good deals.
I got everything in this picture for $18.15 including tax. The one downside to coupons at target is you have to pay tax on the original total. In all I saved $24.22 or $29.49 if you count sales! I think that's pretty good!

Here are some of the deals:
Nabisco 100 cal pack $2.41 x4
used 2 B1G1 Free and B3G1 Free Target Q
Total $2.41 Bought 1 and got 3 free

Crystal Light $1.97 each
3 X $1/1
Total 1.91 for 3

Steam Fresh Veggies: $1.07 x2
2x .50/1

Sunsweet ones =FREE
Bandaids 0.37
Marshmallows 0.80 on sale

Gillette Mens Body Wash $2.99 x2
Total 1.98 for 2

Hopefully this week brings more great deals. My stock pile is growing quick. I'm not sure where I am going to start putting it. I have a list of good deals for CVS and Walgreens this week, so we will see what happens.


Rachel Mooney said...

Looks like a successful shopping trip with some fun savings. What are your plans for the summer besides couponing?

Kellie said...

I am working at a daycare in Tuscaloosa. I don't have anything big planned right now. Congrats on surviving the first year.