Sunday, May 30, 2010

Summer Days

Summer is so great. It's nice not having to think about school work. My job is going pretty good. The kids are mean but what more can you expect. I wish I was getting more hours but its nice to have time to relax as well. Roomie and fluffy came back today so I wont be lonely anymore. :).
My premier party last weekend went great! My show was around $600 which means for $39 I got over $300 worth of jewelry. I only had to pay shipping and tax. I have been getting some really good deals so far this summer. I am making a diaper cake for a friends baby shower and started collecting diapers with all those $3/1 Huggies coupons. As of now I have over 150 diapers which is more than enough and have not even spent $15. I consider that a very good deal. Tonight I went to Target and got all the stuff pictured for $10 and got a $5 gift card.

Although that is a good deal I forgot $3 in coupons so it should have been better. It was for the one of the deodorants. So I will probably just return it and buy it again. Which then will make my total $7 for the items pictured and a $5 gift card. I bought the olay product because I made money on it and the SOBE life water was FREE so i thought I would try it. So everything else was under $1.

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