Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Diaper cake and Bye bye summer

Not a lot going on lately. Just enjoying the rest of summer before school starts. I can't believe my senior year of college starts in 1 week!! I am excited and scared at the same time. I know I will be busy but I still hope to have time to still work. I have grown so attatched to the kids and I would hate to leave them.
Justin finally came back from Mobile....it seems like he was gone for forever! Even though he is back this week he is busy with band camp so I haven't seen him very much. I'm glad he is going back...I think he will enjoy it.
A friend of mine from back home is expecting her first little boy in September and below are some pictures of a diaper cake I made for her and Little man. It was the first one I have ever made but it turned out better than I imagined. I would like to make them to sell after seeing that plain ugly ones sell online for $50+. I am a frugal shopper and between a few coupons and some sales I prob only spent $30-$40 on this one and it looks way better than some of the expensive ones online. Britt did a fantastic job on the shower and the theme was cowboys and baby's nursery is cowboy/farm animals so I tried to stick with the theme.
Here is the full cake completed.

Close up of the bear and the top half

Here is the bottom with babies initials......I could not resist putting the houndstooth ribbon on it

And here is a shot of the back....the desitin really didn't fit anywhere but I stuck it on there anyways.

So....if perhaps you are looking for a practical baby shower gift....I would love to make some more of these you can email me at kdfrazier4ua@gmail.com . Btw mom and everyone at the shower LOVED it. I didn't take any pics of the process but it was very easy I just followed some tutorials online.

Enough of that. I should be packing seeing as I am supposed to go home tomorrow because I have a doc app Thursday morn to see what on earth is up with the crazy finger/hand.


Rachel Mooney said...

Too cute! I love the country theme, and that is the first time I have seen those darn blue jean diapers. Have you seen the commercial for those? Too funny

Heather said...

I loved the diaper cake you made. It was so cute! The best one I've ever seen.

Kellie's Bama Days said...

aww...thanks guys!

TheCakeTop said...

Such a cute diaper cake! For fun you should enter it in the diaper cake contest at http://www.baby-shower-cake-ideas.com There's really a lack of "country" themed diaper cakes out there, it just may win!

Meg said...

It was so nice meeting you finally at the shower, Kellie! You did such a great job on the diaper cake -- very talented!

Kellie said...

Meg...it was so nice to finally meet you as well. Congrats on your precious baby girl.

website said...

I love the theme of your diaper cake! Its way too cute!