Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer Days

Here are some more great deals I have gotten lately. Tonight I went to CVS and Target. .
My scenario at CVS didn't quite go as planned but it was still good.
I bought 6 dove deodorants @ $2.50 each and had 5 $2/1 coupons and 1 $1.50/1. So a total of $15 and $11.50 in coupon and I recieved $5 ECB for another transaction. I should have gotten $5/$15 purchase coupon but I forgot it till the end and the lady said it wouldn't work. I think it would have I should have asked her to try but oh well I still technically made $1.50. Last week at CVS I also got some free refills for my OFF clip on bug sprayer.
At target I got what is pictured below for $3.60 + tax.
I had 3 $2/1 Armor All and 2 $3/2 Target Q's for Amor All for a grand total of $1. 67 for the 4 AA items and 2 $2/1 Renu for some free plus .48 cent overage solution. The golden grahams were just because Nikki had some and made me want them ;).

And now for the best deal I have ever gotten....I FINALLY got a $0.00 receipt!! Don't worry Britt the shampoo is for Nikki.

It was awesome to only have to pay tax!!This last picture is something I found on Nikki's camera when I was borrowing it to take pictures of my deals. I'm not sure what I was thinking that day and I don't think Harley knew either. It's embarrassing but I got a good laugh at seeing it again.

This week is going much better at work than last week although I am not working as much.


britts busy days said...

i'm so happy that pantene stuff wasn't for you, but not sure if i'm happy it's for nikki ; )

i can't believe you only had to pay tax! i'm very impressed!

Rachel Mooney said...

Pretty good shopping trip. At CVS the past few days, I have managed to get about $150+ of things for just tax, around $10 total.

Brittany said...

Hi there! I just wanted to let you know I just found your blog and LOVE it because I was a female engineering student myself a few years ago (and now I'm going back for my masters - can't believe I wanted more! Ha!). You've got a great blog. :)