Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Back to class.....

So I haven't posted anything in a while. It has been crazy busy around here and then during spring break I didn't have any Internet access...yes I almost died. Spring break was fun. I pretty much just laidaround the house a lot. Nothing interesting but it wasn't class so nothing to complain about either.
I did get to hang out with Brittany. Monday night we went to a bible study at a family from her churches house. It was a 2 part thing so after bible study on Tues I spent the night with her and we went shopping on Wednesday. Bible study was great. It was called being "Sold out for God". We played a game on Monday to where you couldn't say "me" or "I" or you lost a chip( we started with 5 poker chips). It was all part of being humble...which is the first part of how to be sold out to God. The second night we played a treasure hunt type game with clues and stuff. My team won and we got this huge basket of candy....yummy. It was tied in with the last step "seeking his face". Afterwards we all piled in the game room to play some rock band...or in my case just watch.
Thursday I had lunch with my grandmother and cousin and then we went to the park so cousin could play. Friday was shopping with mom, Chelsea and her mom. Saturday I just hung around with mom.
Sunday was Easter. I went to Birmingham to see Justin and met some of his family and then it was back to good ole T-town.
I have a calculus 3 test tomorrow....wish me luck cause its gonna be hard.

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