Thursday, March 6, 2008

Wow! This week has flown by...

This week has went by so quick. It has been a pretty good week though. We had some warm days, but it is supposed to get cold again tomorrow...ugh. I am ready for the warm weather....I am enjoying breaking out the flip flops again, and getting to do stuff outside.
Mine and roomies mommy's are coming down tomorrow...I'm pretty excited about that. We are supposed to go to Cheesecake factory sat night...yummy. I think friday night I am going to cook chicken parmesian.....I have almost perfected that's great.
Maybe next week won't be so bad since it is right before Spring break. I have a test monday and that should be about it. Cal is starting to kick my butt. I am getting to the part where I dropped last semester so it is stuff I haven't saw before. Oh well maybe I will get caught up soon. I won't have a test till after spring break.
I want to do something for spring break but I am to broke and no one wants to go anywhere with me....oh well just a break will be nice.

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