Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Nervously Waiting......

So I am nervously awaiting my co-op interviews tomorrow. I am so nervous, but really I don't know why. I shouldn't be. They are all going to be in one big room and should only last about 30 minutes. I think I am more worried about picking the wrong company than anything. I just don't want to agree to work somewhere for 3 semesters and end up hating it. Oh well I guess that is how life works and I am just going to have to get over it and take that next step. I can do it, I am not unable to make decisions, I just want to be sure that I am making the right one. Maybe one of theme won't be so bad. I am going tonight to a info session for Southern Co. I will get to meet my interviewer and that kind of thing so maybe that will help.
I know that co-op is the best decision as far as gaining experience and being able to get a better job when I graduate.

So I should find out what I made on my Cal test today. I am pretty excited about that. I feel like I did well, but be my luck Dr. Wong will hand it back and it will look like someone was massacred on it from all the red marks. Hopefully not.
No lab today YAY!!!
Tonight Jess, Nikki, and I are cooking dinner for some friends and then I think we are going to watch a movie. Jess and I are making taco lasagna....a Rachael Ray creation and Nikki is making her ever so famous apple dumplings....yum o. Jess has been spending a lot of time over here lately. I love it. It was getting boring with just roomie and me.
So roomie might be getting a dog.....her boyfriend bought her a dog for Valentines day. I really hate dogs and don't want one living in the house. I think it will make our apt smells even worse than it already does.
I am doing so much better this semester as far as grades and stress goes. I actually don't have homework running out my ears and my grades are looking better. Now don't get me wrong, I do have homework and a lot of it at that but I just seem to have more time to do it and my tests are spread out more. I have 1 or 2 a week not 3 and 4.
I do have a linear test this fri....keep your fingers crossed on that one...its either going to be really easy or way off the charts hard.
Well I gotta get off this computer and get ready to go to class...... :)

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