Monday, February 4, 2008

Cal test went well

I made a 90 on my cal 3 test.....YAY for me!!! I am so excited. My birthday weekend kinda sucked though. I was sick most of the time. I had the horrible chest cold that everyone has. Friday night we had a little birthday party at a friends house, but of course I was sick and just fell asleep. My fever came back about 11:00 that night and didn't go away till about 4:30 Saturday morning so I didn't sleep good at all. I would wake up freezing and then wake up sweating off and on all night long. I slept saturday morning till about noon. Jess was dying to take me out to eat for my birthday so we went to logans. Jess bought me cookie cake,yummy. Sunday was my birthday. I didn't do much, just some homework and then went to a friends house to watch the Super Bowl. It was weird to be sick and it be my birthday without my mom here...:( I was kinda sad.

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