Thursday, February 21, 2008

Rainy Day in T-town

It's cold outside and raining. My two least favorite weather conditions. I haven't blogged in a while. School is keeping me busy. If I'm not studying for a test I am working on my CS project. Luckily it's a group project this time. My grades are looking a little better this semester. I'm pretty sure I made an A on my cal 3 test Wednesday. That will be 2 A's in that class. My CS 124 test did npt go so well, but it won't matter in the end cause my final will replace all the grades and by then I will understand the material better.
I have a linear test next friday. I'm am pretty much freaking out as well as the rest of the class cause teacher is weirdo dude that wears the same shirt everyday. There are only 2 test and a final. We have been in this class for almost 2 months and we are just now taking a test and he said that he couldn't give us any old tests or practice tests and that he would only do a small 15 minute review. He can't even work out a problem in 15 min. He assigns homework problems that he can't even work out when we ask him questions. I guess I will just have to pray to the linear algebra gods this weekend and sleep on my book so maybe all the stuff will sink in.

I also have co-op interviews coming up next week. I am pretty nervous about that. I just don't want to make the wrong decision with that because most companies want you to work with them for 3 semesters and I don't want to be stuck working somewhere that I am not happy. I also don't know how the living arrangements will work out. The only local company that I want to work for is Mercedes and I have heard through the ever so famous twisted grapevine that they do not usually hire their co-ops and that it is extremely difficult to get hired in the first place. I think my best bet will be somewhere in Huntsville. Although there is a pretty good company called Southern Company and they are located all over the South East. I'm pretty sure that they have a place in Birmingham. I have heard that they are good to work for. I really wanted to work with Adtran in Huntsville but their interview slots were filled up. Oh well something will work out. I'm just going to interview and see what I get and go from there.

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