Thursday, January 31, 2008

Awful Day....

This has been an interesting week. To start with yesterday was good. My cal test went well and I'm sure I did well. The test was the exact same as the one I had from last semester. Last night roomie and I were great friends and went to pick up our friends that had a little to much fun at Buffalo Wild Wings and then we even went to get thier vehicle.
Today on the other hand is a different story. Number one I had a test at 8pm tonight. Today has been horrible. Last night i noticed that my throat felt funny. It was like my chest and throat were feeling tight or something. Well I woke up this morning and my throat was still hurting and it was getting worse. So on my way to class I stop at CVS and get some medicine. I listened to the lady there and got some liquid crap. I get to my car take the medicine besides the fact that I almost gagged and threw up because of the horrible taste everything was fine. I was even careful not to spill it everywhere. After this I drive to school and I am sitting in my car waiting for the bus and I decided to read the medicine box. Little did I know that I had obviously not put the top back on good and I had laid the bottle down sideways. I was very soon covered in nasty medicine as was everything in my car 30 min b/f class starts.
I had to go back to my apt and change because I had cough med. everywhere. So I rush home, change, grab some paper towels and a plastic bag to try to semi clean up the mess and then go all the way back to wait on the bus AGAIN!. The bus is slow and I ended up being 10 minutes late to class. But I had to catch the bus that only takes me half way to my building so walking fast in the cold did not help my throat at all. By the time I got to class my throat was on fire. Luckily I had a bottle of water so that helped.
Well I make it through class and I am starting to feel worse but still ok and no fever. Within like a hour and a half I was miserable. I was studying with a friend for the test that we had at 8p.m. and then he had to go to class. I went to sit with roomie while she ate lunch. By this point I was convinced that I had the flu. I was trying to call a Dr. office but never could get an answer. My head, back and chest were hurting and I'm sure my fever was at least 101 if not 102, but I was freezing. My throat felt like it was on fire. A friend gave me some advil, I didn't think it would help but she was convinced that it would so I took it. I don't know what's in Advil but within an hour i felt so much better. I could tell the exact moment that my fever broke and then my head and back stopped hurting. My chest still hurts really bad and I may still go to the doctor tommorrow. Sunday is my birthday and I don't want to be sick. Actually have birtday plans for tomorrow night, but who knows if I will feel up to it.
The test was ok. It wasn't to hard considering that friend and I studied all afternoon. We did take a coldstone break and he bought me ice cream. It kinda sucked though cause today is his birthday and he was kinda sick to. But he was a sweetheart and put up with me all day. I tried to not to whine to much but I just really felt awful. I haven't felt like this in a loooong time.

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