Sunday, December 2, 2007

One Boring Weekend

This weekend has been so boring. I basically just sat at my apt and worked on my C++ project most of the weekend. Nikki was gone and it was really quiet and lonely. Yes I have other friends but I just forced myself to stay here and study and work on my project. Thankfully it is the last project for this semester. It's not due till Thursday but It's long and worth 200 points so I don't want to wait till the last minute. It would be impossible to complete in just one day. Friday night I did have dinner with a friend and then watched a few movies. Saturday I stayed home all day except the short trip to our ghetto Wal-Mart to get a few things. Today I slept in and worked on my project and studied for a final I have on Tuesday and watched Harry Potter .
Tomorrow is going to be like D-Day....I will possibly find out what I made on 3 tests. Maybe this week won't be so bad I only have one finale on Tuesday and my project is due Thursday. A little lighter load than the previous weeks......I still can't believe the semester is almost over. I still can't figure out where November went. It just flew by. Christmas is coming up fast and I haven't bought a thing. It doesn't really seem like Christmas to me yet because I am so busy here that I don't have time to really think about. I don't know what to get anyone. Some people better be giving me some hints or something cause I have no clue.
I can't wait for Nikki to get back its so lonely here. She's not supposed to be back til late so I will probably be asleep. :(

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