Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Finally C++ Projects are over!!

Today has been a long day but the good news is I am finally finished with C++ projects. THANKS KYLE AND JEREMIAH!!!! I owe you guys a big one. I am about to submit the last one....that is for this semester. Next semester I get to start all over again. The good thing is some of next semesters projects will be group work. My plan is to sit with the smart
The other good news is tomorrow I have no classes and Friday I only have 1 and all we are doing is asking questions for the final and teacher evaluations.....I'm not sure this teacher is going to get a very good report from me or not. At this particular moment I am pissed off at the entire Computer Science Dept. but that is another story in itself. Maybe I will feel sorry for the teacher and give him a half way good rating. I have a final on Wednesday and a final on Friday and then my first semester here will be over. Wow that's crazy!! I can't believe it. Hopefully I can pull off some decent grades. The bad news is that my final on Friday 3:30-to 6 so I probably will not come home till Saturday. It just depends on what all is going on. It just doesn't seem like Christmas. I think it's because I have been so busy and I don' t have time to think about anything but school. I also have not bought a single present for anyone. Actually that is on tommorow's agenda. I'm hoping that I will have time to do some shoppping this weekend. As for now I have to get back to my project and get it ready to submit.

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