Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Come and Gone Once Again

Christmas has come and gone once again. It's already over and still doesn't seem like it should be here yet. Overall I had a great Christmas. I already knew what I was getting which took the surprise out of everything but it was worth it. My new camera is awesome. I did although get a big surprise from my aunt and cousin. They got me a North Face. Its a pretty pinkish melon color. I had a bunch of drama trying to return it for the right size but I eventually found one. Other than that I just got money and gift cards which works for me cause now I can pick what I want. I miss my friends so much. Friday I went out with a good friend of mine that I went to Northeast with. He bought me dinner and a movie...how sweet of him. Last night my little cousin spent the night. She tells me everytime I come home that she misses me and she wants to spend the night with me so I let her. She was good. She made me read about 15 books to her and she woke me up singing and then cried to come back to my house after church. After church I had lunch with a friend but other than that I have had a pretty boring day.

I can't believe this year is almost over. It has went by so fast. I have learned so much this year. Some good and some bad. I became single, moved to another town, made new friends, came closer to some and drifted away from some. My New Years resolution is to make better grades next semester and get my 4.0. Hopefully 2008 will be just as good or better than 2007.

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