Monday, January 21, 2008

3 Day Weekend!

My weekend was ok. Nothing to major, but nothing horrible either. Friday night I went to a friends apt on campus and a few girls and I watched a movie. The Holiday to be exact. It's a great chick flick. I even know a few guys that like it. It was late when we left so I decided to stay the night with the Jesses they live on campus as well. Also it was supposed to snow. I pretty much knew that it wouldn't, but in the unlikely event that it did.....I did not want to be snowed in alone at my apt. Roomie went to Kentucky as I mentioned in a previous post. It did snow...for a very short time. One Jess and I walked around campus while it snowed.Other Jess stayed in the room cause she is from Massachusets and snow is something she see's all the time. It was very pretty. It barely even covered the ground but the quad and the buildings were still pretty. I wish it would have snowed a couple of inches. Campus would be beautiful and a huge snowball fight on the quad would be awesome!!
Later we went to dinner with a friend who lived down the hall from the Jesses. This semester he is co-oping so we haven't seen him in a while. We went to Olive Garden...YUMMY!! Then we went and watched the bucket list. It was an ok movie. Kinda predictable. We walked out and the Jesses were just bawling. I had a tear, but I don't cry over movies. So it was nothing big.
Sunday a friend came over and we worked on C++ project and played guitar hero.
Today I had lunch with Jess and another friend, and now I am trying to get caught up on Homework. I want to have everything done before the weekend because a friend from highschool is coming to visit so I want to be able to spend time with her and not be doing hw.

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