Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Guitar Hero.....ugh!!

Class started today. Today was an easy day but it was basically a "Hi my name is Dr. whatever heres the syllabus this is what we are going to do bye see you next time". Only one of my teachers is American. My cal teacher is Chinese, but I like him. I had him last semester before I had to drop his class. He is a great teacher, I just had to much going on at one time. My linear Algebra teacher is a nut and obviously stuck in the 80's. He walked in with this awful mess of semi curly hair all over his head ( Britt you would have died). It looked as if he barely even combed it. He was wearing this grey sweatshirt that said class of "something" but it had "spoiled brat" written in pink and purple letters. As if that was not enough he had on a plaid button up shirt underneath to where you could only see the collar. I must have missed the part where someone said it was ok for guys to wear shirts that say "Spoiled brat". Especially professors at a prestigious University such as the University of Alabama.
My latest addiction is guitar hero. I don't particularly like the game but it is begining to grow on me. Roomie got it for Christmas so now I play it all the time. I am starting to get a little better at it. The better I get the more fun it gets.

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