Saturday, January 12, 2008

While I still have some freedom and my sanity...

So class went well this week. Nothing to major yet. It fills good to still have my sanity while class is going on. I know next week it will all start back full fledge though. I still don't have my books. I ordered them off line and they have not arrived yet. I am going to be behind on some reading by the time they get here.
The weekend has been good so far. Last night Nikki, Jeremiah, and I had dinner at Outback....yummy! Thanks Jeremiah. Today the 3 of us went to the Galleria in B'ham. Jeremiah wanted to get new clothes. Tomorrow my parents are coming down here and bringing my new desk. Actually it's not new, it's one we had at home, but it is bigger. I am excited. Maybe now I will have somewhere to actually do my Homework and my room won't stay so cluttered with books. Roomie has turned me into more of a neat freak. I am so tired I'm thinking about going to bed early. Being up till 4 a.m this morning is catching up with me.

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