Thursday, January 24, 2008's back

School is starting to get hectic again. I have my first C++ program due tomorrow. The long nights in Houser computer lab has already began. I am actually enjoying this semester, Although I haven't had any tests yet so we will see. I have made a couple of new friends. By now I am getting my routine down again, You know what time to wake up, what time to leave, who is going to be in the Ferg for lunch...blah blah blah. My Linear teacher still ceases to amaze me in wearing his very ugly 80's sweatshirt..EVERYDAY! But the class is easy so far so I'm not complaining. Which reminds me that I have not recieved my other book that I orderd off line over 2 weeks ago!! Obviously books have thier own form of mail called Media mail and it's EXTREMELY slow. I was not aware of this.
So friend from High School is not coming this weekend....:( her stepdad doesn't want her to drive down here alone and no one can come with her. So I guess It will just be me and rooomie this weekend. Any one want to come visit?? We are up for visitors. The idea of going ice skating in B'ham has been thrown around a little but not sure yet.
It's only 10 days till my birthday!!! YAY! Although 20 is not going to be a very interesting age. Nothing will change. Although my mom is a little upset that I won't be a teenager any more. It is kinda weird to think about being 20 though. It seems like when I was younger and I thought about someone being 20. I thought man they are so grown up and can do whatever they want, but I just don't feel like that. It's hard to explain. I just don't feel like what I used to imagine a 20 year old being like. Oh well right now I am starving so I'm going to leave early and get some breakfast before class.

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Stacy said...

Honey... wait til you turn 27, then you'll feel "like a grown-up should" and it will suck! LOL!!!